Nasus vs renekton

nasus vs renekton

Come at me Renekton | Nasus, Best Top Lane EVAR.. Nasus build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Nasus Strategy Builds. The League of Legends unranked to masters series continues with ▻▻LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for MORE Videos: http. The road to challenger continues with some season 7 renekton vs Nasus! How to counter e max nasus. I usually contested their blue or gromp whenever I could, but I don't think I influenced the other lanes enough at all. Hide item names Purchase Order. However, Nasus scales into the dasha porn game suegras xxx better then Ren, unless Ren is horribly fed. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. As Nasus, bait Renekton into pushing the lane with his Q I once made that mistake nasus vs renekton Renekton and Nasus was only 10 cs behind me nop. Forgot your username or password? That's the issue I'm running in to. nasus vs renekton I don't understand how I can spread my lead to my teammates while also keeping the Nasus Q stacks under control. BlueJoneleth BlueJoneleth 3 years ago 9 I find Renek to be one of the easiest early game monsters sasha adams porn against with Nasus. Champion Reveal Champion Reveal: Build s Discussion More Nasus Guides. Use of this site constitutes acceptance karinass our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I think I stayed in lane too long and didn't spread my lead effectively at all. Nasus will outscale Renekton by the midgame, once he purchases his FH at around the minute mark. Please login or register. Your goal is to force 5v4s at every opportune moment, either taking objectives or forcing Nasus to follow your roams which denies him Q stacks. This is an archived post. Renekton basically auto wins the lane because of the way his skills work. Because he starts with cloth and 5 pots. As time goes on the difference only grows wider. Nasus teamfight is actually pretty garbage cause of how easily he can be kited I was taking VERY favorable trades and he was around 25 or 30 cs at 10 mins. Once you have such a big advantage you should just end laning phase and leave.

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Sometimes you might not even care though- if you've built spirit visage and have a huge lead you could easily just 2 shot their mid and escape. By refusing to kill your enemy, you'll endanger all the people he'll meet after you. You should start roaming. If you're that far ahead, push your wave so Nasus is stuck under turret, then roam into their top jungle. Champion Reveal Champion Reveal:

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THE ULTIMATE NASUS COUNTER! RENEKTON VS NASUS SEASON 7 - Road to Challenger #3 Join Now Log In. Also, if Nasus is that far behind, don't worry about him scaling too much. That's 10 minutes you have to freely pressure the entire map. So what you do is simple; end the game before it gets to that point. AP Nasus Support Season 7. You are not allowed to request a sticky. While that keeps the Nasus down, I didn't deal with the imminent threats of the fed enemy ADC and I wasn't helping contest towers and drags.

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